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How I am.

So, I feel like crap. Everything in my life is changing. My brother got into drugs a while back, and now he does whatever he wants, takes stuff from me, threatens me, hurts me.
My mom and I used to be super close.. But now we don't get along.. I think it's because I'm finally somewhat standing up for myself, and she's realizing that I'm growing up.
It seems like my best friend doen't care about me..
I cry every night. And I want to kill myself. No ones here for me. I ran outside in the snow, fell to the ground and I just stayed there for a while crying. That was on Christmas Eve, it was a nightmare come true. I had a nightmare that my mom was telling me to leave the house like she does with my brothers, and that's what happened, I was out there for an hour, the day before I left for 2 hours and a half and when I came back no one even knew I was gone.
I want to kill myself,
Then everyone will be sorry.

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How I am., posted December 27th, 2012

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